25th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference
2014 Oct. 13C18, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation                                         Collection of Contributions from Southwestern Institute of Physics

Paper No.        Reporter                          Title

Oral Papers

1 OV/4-1          Xu, M.         Overview of HL-2A Recent Experiments


2 EX/6-4          Ji, X. Q.       Interaction between Neoclassical Tearing Modes and Non-Local Transport in



3 EX/11-3        Dong, J. Q.    Mechanism of Low-Intermediate-High Confinement Transitions in Tokamaks


4 MPT/1-2       Liu, X.          Overview of Fusion Reactor Materials Study at SWIP

                     Chen, J. M.


5 FIP/3-5Ra     Feng, K. M.    Current Status of Chinese Solid Tritium Breeder TBM


6 TH/3-1Rb     Zheng, G. R.   Advanced Divertor Analysis of HL-2M



1 EX/P7-18      Liu, Y.         L-H Transition Triggered by Fishbone Mode in the NBI Heated HL-2A Plasmas


2 EX/P7-19     Xu, Y.          Neoclassical Tearing Modes Triggered by Intrinsic Error Field in the HL-2A



3 EX/P7-20     Yu, D. L.       Evolution of the Ion Temperature in Pedestal during the ELM Mitigation by SMBI


4 EX/P7-21     Jiang, M.       The Observation of Synchronous Oscillation prior to Disruption in the HL-2A



5 EX/P7-22     Nie, L.          Comparison of ELM-Filament Mitigation between Supersonic Molecular Beam

                                       Injection and Pellet Injection in the HL-2A Tokamak


6 EX/P7-23     Zhong, W. L.  The Role of Edge Plasma Instabilities in Dynamical Evolutio Pedestal in the HL- 

                                       2A Tokamak


7 EX/P7-24    Zhang, Y. P.   Measurements of Fast-Ion Losses Induced by MHD Instabilities Using

                                       Scintillator-Based Probe in the HL-2A Tokamak


8 EX/P7-25    Yu, L. M.        Transition and Interaction of Low-Frequency MHD Modes during Neutral Beam

                                       Injection on HL-2A


9 EX/P7-26   Cui, Z. Y.        Study of Carbon Transport in the Scrape-off Layer of HL-2A with Impurity

                                       Sources Located at Limiter, Bafe and Divertor


10 EX/P7-27 Chen, W.         Characterization and Nonlinear Interaction of Shear Alfv´ en Waves in the

                                       Presence of Strong Tearing Modes in Tokamak Plasmas


11 EX/P7-31 Dong, Y. B.      Experimental Study of Disruption Mitigation Using Supersonic Molecular Beam

                                       and Massive Gas Injection on HL-2A and J-TEXT


12 EX/P7-32 Cheng J.         Dynamics of High-Intermediate-High Connement Transitions on the HL-2A



13 EX/P8-18 Xu, Y. H.        Coupling between Intrinsic Rotation and Turbulence-Driven Residual Stress in

                                      the TEXTOR Tokamak


14 TH/P2-13 He, H. D.        Fishbone Modes in Plasmas with Dual Neutral Beam Injection Heating


15 TH/P5-9  Hao, G. Z.       Finite Toroidal Flow Generated by Resistive Wall Tearing Modes in a Toroidal



16 TH/P7-30 Wang, Z. H.    Simulations and Validations of Transport during Fueling by SMBI in HL-2A  



17 FIP/P4-10 Chen J. M.     Behaviors of ITER EHF FW under High Heat Flux for Mock-up Manufactured by

                                      HIP Joining Technology


18 FIP/P4-24 Wang, Y. Q.   Preparation for Preliminary Design of ITER GD


19 FIP/P8-1   Xu, Z. Y.       Experimental Base of Innovation S-Channel for Fusion LM Blanket


20 FIP/P8-32  Xu, H. B.       Preliminary Test Results of GDC Electrode with Gap Insulation on SWIP Test



21 MPT/P7-32 Zheng, P. F.  Recent Progresses on Vanadium Alloys for Fusion Application in China


22 MPT/P8-6  Feng, Y.J.     Development of Functional Materials for CN TBM


23 MPT/P8-7 Wang, P. H.    R&D Status of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel for CN TBM