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Tokamak Power Supply Technology Division —

Tokamak Power Supply Division is responsible for tokamak power supply and electrical sources, including power electronic technology, high power pulse electrical sources, large fly-wheel pulse generator power supply, digital control of pulse power supply, harmonic filtering and reactive-load compensation, double-fed super-synchronization frequency control and switch power supply. The recent developments are magnetic fields power supply, auxiliary heating high voltage power supply, high power pulse fly wheel generator groups and related techniques for the HL-2A tokamka.

In order to meet the requirements of power supply in HL-2A, a largest fly wheel pulse generator group (capacity of 300MW, mechanical exoergic no less than 1.2 GJ for one pulse) is equipped. The three motors are in successful synchronous operation and asynchronously reacceleration to provide power to HL-2A simultaneously. The double-fed super-synchronization operation for two generators has been successfully realized with automatic computer protection and monitor. For satisfying requirements for secondary heating total power of 10MW, high power and high voltage pulse DC supply, high power and high voltage modulators, CROWBAR protection system, monitoring system and voltage feedback control system have been developed.

Wang, Yingqiao ,Research Professor, HL-2A power supply and electrical source.
E-mail: wangxy@swip.ac.cn

Deputy Head:
Li,Huajun ,Research Professor
E-mail: lihj@swip.ac.cn

Deputy Head:
Peng, Jianfei.
E-mail: pengjf@swip.ac.cn

Deputy Head:
Li, Qing.
E-mail:  liqing@swip.ac.cn

Head's Assistant

Li, Weibing

E-mail liwb@swip.ac.cn

8 Power Supply Group
Leader: Yao, Lieying ,Research Professor
E-mail: yaoly@swip.ac.cn

8Motor Generator Group
Leader: Li, Huajun ,Research Professor (concurrent post)
E-mail: lihj@swip.ac.cn


Pulsed motor generators with 300MVA total capacity

Double-fed variable frequency drive

Power supply control room


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