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Fusion Information Division —

The Fusion Information Division is devoted to scientific journal publication, scientific and technical information, books and papers management and service, computerized information and network service.

Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics (in Chinese) was launched in 1980 and is hosted by Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics Association of Chinese Nuclear Society and supervised by Professor Li, Zhengwu, the Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, the Honorary Director of the Association, and the Honorary Director of Southwestern Institute of Physics, . Its serial number is ISSN 0254-6086/CN51-1151/TL. It is included in famous overseas databases such as EI and SA, and is a full-text selected journal of Chinese Academic Journal (CD), Chinese Journal Network, WanFang Data and VIP Information. It is also the source journal of Chinese S&T Journal Citation Reports, Chinese Academic Journal General Evaluation Database and Chinese Science Citation Database. The Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics has always been listed as a core journal of physics category and atomic energy technology category in A Guide to the Core Journals of China.

The Annual Report for Southwestern Institute of Physics (Chinese and English editions) comprehensively presents scientific achievements of the Institute in nuclear fusion and plasma physics, and nuclear civil products development.
Two online journals—Fusion Study Report and Japanese Nuclear Fusion Research Dynamic Follow provide timely and rapid response service on nuclear fusion both at home and abroad, and on ITER progress.

There are more than 20,000 copies of journals in Chinese and other language, over 70,000 books, more than 100,000 copies of foreign scientific reports and over 5,000 copies English proceedings as well as rich resources including electronic documents from nuclear fusion research institutions and academic periodicals. The preliminary network information service platform is being set up. Four databases have been established, AIP and IOP internet original issue full-text browsing and download service is available on LAN.

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E-mail wanghai@swip.ac.cn


Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics Editing Group

   Leader: Xiao,Chengxin, Associate Professor

   E-mail: xiaocx@swip.ac.cn

SWIP NetworkAnnual Report and Memoirs Editing Group

   Leader: Zeng, Liping,Associate Professor of Library Science
E-mail: zenglp@swip.ac.cn

Library and Information Group

   Leader: Huang, Mei,Librarian

Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics
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