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Control and Information Techuique Division —       Fusion Information

Ongoing items: 1)Development and implementation of control systems on HL-2A Tokamak and its subsystems, operating and monitoring of HL-2A Tokamak. 2)Acquisition, processing and management of engineering and experiment data. 3)Construction, operation and maintenance of scientific computational platform and post-processing data system. 4)Scheming, design, operation and maintenance of the LANs in SWIP, and development, update and maintenance of both internal and external web sites in SWIP.

E-mail: zgy@swip.ac.cn

Deputy Head:
Pan,Yudong, Research Professor  
E-mail panyd@swip.ac.cn


Deputy Head:

Xia,Fan, Research Professor

E-mail xiafan@swip.ac.cn


Deputy Head:

Ji,Xiaoquan, Associate Research Professor

E-mail jixq@swip.ac.cn


Head's Assistant


E-mail wanghai@swip.ac.cn



8Control Group
Leader: Song,Xianming ,Research Professor
E-mail: songxm@swip.ac.cn
8Data Acquisition Group
Leader: Luo,Cuiwen ,Senior Engineer
E-mail luocw@swip.ac.cn
8Data Processing Group
Leader: Pan Wei, Senior Engineer

E-mail panwei@swip.ac.cn

8Simulation Group
Leader: Zhang, jinghua

Deputy Head:
Zhang,Jinghua ,Associate Research Professor
E-mail zhangjh@swip.ac.cn



Internet Center of CFS : E-mail:CFSweb@swip.ac.cn
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