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Nuclear Fusion Reactor & Materials Division —

Research fields: Main research areas cover:
 1)  core plasma physics;
 2)  neutronics/nuclear data library;
 3)  structure & mechanics;
 4)  thermal-hydraulics;
 5) i rradiation & environment safety;
 6)  economics and system analysis;
 7)  structure materials;
 8)  plasma facing materials (PFMs)/plasma facing components (PFCs);
 9)  blanket technology & innovation liquid metal free surface technology;
10) ITER test blanket module design and shielding blanket technology.

Fusion Reactor Theory and Design:

Under the support of the “863”National High Technology Project, the National Nuclear Energy Development Program and the National Nature Science Foundation, fusion reactor research has been developed. The concept design of Experimental Fusion Reactor (TETB) and design of Commercial Reactor (TCB) have been finished successively, with lots of research achievements on plasma physics, neutronics, reactor structure, thermo-hydraulic, environmental safety, economic analysis. The engineering outline design of the Fusion-Fission Experimental Breeder (FEB-E) and Fusion-Transmutation Reactor design (CFER-ST) for disposing long-lived nuclear wastes have also been finished. Especially, Chinese ITER Test Blanket Module (TBM) design and relevant R&D are other major projects today.

Fusion Technologies and Materials:

Since 1986, with the support of the “863” High Technology Project, the National Nuclear Energy Development Special Item and the National Nature Science Foundation, some ferritic/martensitic steels, such as China low activation ferritic steel (CLF-1),oxide dispersion strengthened CHT9, Vanadium alloys, multi-elements doped carbon-base materials have been developed. The chemical sputtering facility, hydrogen and its isotope permeation facility , liquid metal magneto-hydrodynamic experimental loop, low energy ions system, high heat flux electric beam facility and so on, were built; many experiments were performed on these facilities. The film surface technologies are also developeing on tokamak for surface treatment. The ITER shield blanket module design and their components R&D, ITER Gravity Support are being preformed currently.

 Undertaking ITER Related Components Design & Manufactured

ITER Gravity Support PA               Responsible person: Li,Pengyuan

        ITER Shield Blanket PA                 Responsible person: Chen, Jiming

 ITER Test Blanket Module             Responsible person: Feng, Kaiming

Chen,Jimin, Research Professor
Fusion Technology and Materials
  Deputy Head:
Deputy Head:
Wang,Pinghuai, Research Professor
  Deputy's assistant.
Chen, Yanjing

Deputy's assistant.
Zhang, Long

8Low Activity Structural Materials Group
Leader: Chen,Jiming (or Wang Pinghuai)Research Professor, Low activity structural materials

( wangph@swip.ac.cn )

8Plasma Facing Materials /Components (PFM/PFCs) Group
Leader: Liu,Xiang (or Lian Youyun), Research Professor, Plasma interaction with materials, Plasma facing components technologies
E-mail :xliu@swip.ac.cn (lianyy@swip.ac.cn )

8Liquid Metal MHD Group
Leader: Pan ,Chuanjie ,Associate Research Professor, Liquid metal magneto-hydrodynamics

8Extreme Condition Component Manufacture & Test Technologies Group

Leader: Li Pengyuan , Research Professor, Such as a component mechanical properties testing  under low temperature and loading (0-2000KN),  and related weld technologies development

E-mail: lipy@swip.ac.cn 


8Blanket Engineering Group

Leader: Wu,Jihong (Kang Weishan), Research Professor,  blanket components design optimizing and manufacture R&D

E-mail Wujh@swip.ac.cn( Kangws@swip.ac.cn)  



8Fusion Reactor Blanket Design Group

Leader: Zhang,Guoshu(Dr.Zhao Zhou), Research Professor, plasma core, neutronicsstructuralthermohydraulicssafetyelectromagnetism

analysis on blanket of fusion reactor


( zhaozhou@swip.ac.cn)


8Hybrid Reactor and Neutronics Group

Leader: Li,Zaixin, Associate Research Professor,

Fusion-Fission Hybrid reactor related design development of Neutronics software tools



8Fusion Fuel Related Materials and Technologies Group

Leader: Luo, TianyongFeng Yongjin, Associate Research Professor, lithium ceramic pebbleBeryllium pebblepebble bed experiments, tritium related materials and technologynuclear fuel of hybrid reactor



 8Fusion Blanket Engineering Experimental Platform Group

Leader: Feng Kaiming(Chen Yanjing, Research Prof. Hellium Cooling Loopelectromagnetism diagnosis PlatformTritium Breeding Blanket Test

E-mailfengkm@swip.ac.cn (chenyj@swip.ac.cn)





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