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Tokamak Device and Vacuum Technology Division —

The present duties of the division mainly comprise two aspects. One is operation and maintenance

of the HL-2A device and the other is design and construction of the HL-2M Tokamak device (also

called as Modification of HL-2A device).  

    The following groups are formed for the former duty: structural design and

    maintenance,  electromagnetic and engineering parameters measurement

    for coil system, vacuum  technology, water baking and cooling system,

    pellet injection.  


    There are four teams working for the latter duty : machine support team,

    coil team, vacuum vessel team and engineering computation team.


HL-2M (under construction)

Liu, Dequan, Research Professor
E-mail: liudq@swip.ac.cn
Deputy Head: 
Cao,Zeng ,Research Professor
E-mail: caoz@swip.ac.cn

Deputy Head

Luo Tianyong, Associate Research Professor


Deputy Head: 
Li,Guangsheng, Senior Engineer
E-mail: leegsh@swip.ac.cn

Deputy Head

Cai Lijun, Engineer



4Tokamak Machine Group
   Leader: Liu,Dequan ,Research Professor
   (concurrent post)
   E-mail: liudq@swip.ac.cn
4Vacuum vessel design and Vacuum Technology Group
   Leader: Cao,Zeng ,Research Professor 
   (additional post)
   E-mail: caoz@swip.ac.cn

4Coil Design and Engineering Parameters Monitoring Group

   Leader: Li,Guangsheng ,Senior Engineer

   E-mail: leegsh@swip.ac.cn


4Baking and Cooling System of Machine Group
   Leader: Xie,Yanfeng ,Senior Engineer
   E-mail: xieyf@swip.ac.cn
4Pellet Fuelling Group
   Leader: Zhu,Genliang
   E-mail: zhugl@swip.ac.cn
4Enginnering computation group

   Leader: Cai,Lijun , Engineer

   E-mail: cailj@swip.ac.cn



HL-2A Tokamak Machine

Pellet Injection System

Water-cycling system



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