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Tokamak Experiment and Diagnostics Division —

The Tokamak Experiment and Diagnostics Division is devoted to the research on the high temperature plasma physics and diagnostic. As a main research division of the CFS (Center for Fusion Science, SWIP), it has developed more than 30 diagnostic systems since 1970’s. The division is divided into 11 groups, which are the Laser Interferometer Group, the Laser Scattering Group (Thomson scattering and CO2 laser scattering), the Microwave Group (microwave interferometer, reflectometer and ECE), the Visible Optics Group (infrared TV and Visible CCD), the Charge-Exchange Neutral Particle Analyzer Group, the VUV Group, the X-Ray Group (hard x-ray and soft X-Ray), the Bolometer Group, the Static Electric Probe and Magnetic Probe Group, and the Neutron Detection Group.

The main purposes of the division are
2 To carry on HL-2A experiment ;
2 To process and analyze experiment data;
2 To develop advanced plasma diagnostic systems.

Yang,Qingwei,Research Professor
E-mail: yangqw@swip.ac.cn
Deputy Head:
Yan,Longwen, Research Professor
E-mail: lwyan@swip.ac.cn
  Deputy Head:
Liu Yi, Research Professor
E-mail: yiliu@swip.ac.cn

Laser Interferometer Group
Leader: Zhou,Yan ,Ph.D,Research Professor
E-mail: zhouy@swip.ac.cn
8Laser Thomson Scattering Group
Leader: Huang,Yuan ,Research Professor
E-mail: yhuang@swip.ac.cn
8Microwave Diagnostic Group
Leader: Liu,Zetian ,Senior Engineer
E-mail: liuzhetian@swip.ac.cn
8Optical Spectrum Diagnostic Group
Leader: Yu,Deliang
E-mail: yudl@swip.ac.cn
8Charge Exchange Neutral Particle Analysis Group
Leader: Li,Wei ,Associate Research Professor
E-mail: liwei@swip.ac.cn
8Soft x-ray Group
Leader: Liu,Yi ,Research Professor
E-mail: yiliu@swip.ac.cn
8VUV Group
Leader: Cui ,Zhenying, Research Professor
E-mail: cuizy@swip.ac.cn

Hard x-ray Group
Leader: Song,Xianying ,Associate Research Professor
E-mail: songxy@swip.ac.cn
8Thermal Radiation Measurement Group
Leader: Li,Wei, Associate Research Professor
E-mail: liwei@swip.ac.cn
8Electrostatic Probe Group
Leader: Yan Longwen, Research Professor (concurrent post)
E-mail: lwyan@swip.ac.cn
8Magnetic Measurement Group
Leader: Yang,Qingwei, Research Professor (concurrent post)
E-mail: yangqw@swip.ac.cn
8Molecular Beam Injection Group
Leader: Feng,Beibing ,Associate Research Professor
E-mail: fengbb@swip.ac.cn

Plasma Parameter Measured by Diagnostics

Plasma parameter Diagnostics
Ion Temperature
Ion Rotation
Helium density
  • Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy

Ion Temperature
High Energy Ion
  • Collective Thomson Scattering
High Energy Ion
  • Charge-Exchange Neutral Particle Analyzer (MeV)
  • Gamma-ray Pulse Height Analysis
  • Neutron Diagnostics System
    • Neutron monitor
    • Neutron Fluctuation Monitor
    • 14 MeV neutron detectors
    • Neutron activation measurement
    • Neutron spectrometers
    • Neutron Emission Profile Monitor
Electron Density 
  • Thomson Scattering using Ruby Laser
  • Thomson Scattering using YAG Laser
  • CO2 Laser Interferometer
  • CO2 Laser Polarimeter
  • FIR Laser Interferometer U1, U2
Electron Temperature
  • Thomson Scattering using Ruby Laser
  • Thomson Scattering using YAG Laser
  • Electron Cyclotron Emission Diagnostic System
High Energy Electron
  • Hard X-ray Pulse Height Analysis
Plasma Current Profile
  • Motional Stark Effect (MSE)
Soft X-ray
  • Soft X-ray Array
  • Bolometer
  • VUV Spectrometer for core plasma
  • Grazing Incident Monochromator
Zeff(Effective charge)
  • Zeff (vertical Bremsstrahlung)
  • Tangential Fiber Array for Zeff
  • X-mode reflectometer
  • O-mode reflectometer

Magnetic Fluctuations

  • Saddle Coil
  • Tangential Probes for MHD analysis
  • Pellet Monitor (High speed camera)

Scrape off Layer (SOL)

Plasma parameter

Electron Density
Electron Temperature

  • Reciprocating Mach Probe (Midplane)
  • Reciprocating Mach Probe (High-Field-Side)

Divertor Plasma

Plasma parameter Diagnostics
Ion Temperature
  • VUV Doppler Broadening
Electron Density
  • Interferometer in Divertor Region
  • Reciprocating Mach Probe (X-point)
  • Target Langmuir Probe Array
Electron Temperature
  • Reciprocating Mach Probe (X-point)
  • Target Langmuir Probe Array
  • High Resolution Visible Spectrometer for Divertor
  • Visible Spectrometer for Divertor
  • VUV Spectrometer for Divertor
  • 60ch Fiber Optics for Divertor
  • 2D measurement of D-alpha/H-alpha & Imurity emission
Particle Recycling
  • D-alpha/H-alpha Emission
Neutral Gas Pressure
  • Neutral Gas Pressure Gauge
  • Fast Ionization Gauge
Heat Load on Divetor Plate
  • Infrared TV for Divertor Plate
  • Divertor Thermocouple (T/C)

Plasma Configuration

Plasma parameter

Plasma Current

  • Rogowski Coil for Plasma Current
Plasma Configuration
  • Magnetic Probes for Plasma Control

  • Visible TV

Loop Voltage
  • Flux Loops



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