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Nuclear Fusion Reactor & Materials Research


Nuclear Fusion Reactor & Materials Research

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The research of fusion technique and fusion materials in China started since the “863” program. Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactor Project is listed into the “863” national program in 1986. The Nuclear Fusion Reactor & Materials Research Division of Center for Fusion Science have completed “The concept design for CHD”, “The detailed concept design for TETB”, “The project concept design for TCB”, “The detailed concept design of FEB” successively. During 1996-2000, “The engineering concept design of FEB-E” was completed. Meanwhile, the division as a leading unit of the national fusion reactor materials field has success in materials development of improved austenitic steel and ferritic steel, and the results have been published Since 1990s the division kept on the design research on dispose of long life nuclear wastes by means of transmutation caused by fusion neutrons for FDT Spherical Tokamak, searching for non-electrical application of nuclear energy. At the beginning of 2004, study on the blanket design of tritium production by helium cooling/solid breeder for ITER was started.

Fusion Reactor Research Activities at SWIP

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